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TheScientificWorldJOURNAL - Volume 6 2006, Pages 760-766

Review Article

Quality of Life Research Center, Teglgårdstræde 4-8, DK-1452 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Research Clinic for Holistic Medicine, Copenhagen, Denmark

Nordic School of Holistic Medicine, Copenhagen, Denmark

Scandinavian Foundation for Holistic Medicine, Sandvika, Norway

Interuniversity College, Graz, Austria

Vejlby Lokalcenter, Vejlby, Denmark

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Jerusalem, Israel

Center for Disability and Human Development, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben Gurion University, Beer-Sheva, Israel

Office of the Medical Director, Division for Mental Retardation Ministry of Social Affairs, Jerusalem, Israel

Received 19 January 2006; Revised 6 June 2006; Accepted 10 June 2006

Academic Editor: Hatim A. Omar

Copyright © 2006 Sören Ventegodt et al.


For almost a decade, we have experimented with supporting the philosophical development of severely ill patients to induce recovery and spontaneous healing. Recently, we have observed a new pattern of extremely rapid, spontaneous healing that apparently can facilitate even the spontaneous remission of cancer and the spontaneous recovery of mental diseases like schizophrenia and borderline schizophrenia. Our working hypothesis is that the accelerated healing is a function of the patient’s brain-mind and body-mind coming closer together due to the development of what we call -deep- cosmology. To understand and describe what happens at a biological level, we have suggested naming the process adult human metamorphosis, a possibility that is opened by the human genome showing full generic equipment for metamorphosis. To understand the mechanistic details in the complicated interaction between consciousness and biology, we need an adequate theory for biological information. In a series of papers, we propose what we call -holistic biology for holistic medicine-. We suggest that a relatively simple model based on interacting wholenesses instead of isolated parts can shed a new light on a number of difficult issues that we need to explain and understand in biology and medicine in order to understand and use metamorphosis in the holistic medical clinic. We aim to give a holistic theoretical interpretation of biological phenomena at large, morphogenesis, evolution, immune system regulation self-nonself discrimination, brain function, consciousness, and health in particular. We start at the most fundamental problem: what is biological information at the subcellular, cellular, and supracellular levels if we presume that it is the same phenomenon on all levels using Occam-s razor, and how can this be described scientifically? The problems we address are all connected to the information flow in the functioning, living organism: function of the brain and consciousness, the regulations of the immune system and cell growth, the dynamics of health and disease. We suggest that life utilizes an unseen fine structure of the physical energy of the universe at a subparticular or quantum level to give information-directed self-organization; we give a first sketch of a possible fractal structure of the energy able to both contain and communicate biological information and carry individual and collective consciousness. Finally, thorough our analysis, we put up a model for adult human metamorphosis.

Autor: Sören Ventegodt, Tyge Dahl Hermansen, Maj Lyck Nielsen, Birgitte Clausen, and Joav Merrick



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