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Abstract: As the heaviest known fundamental particle, the top quark has taken a centralrole in the study of fundamental interactions. Production of top quarks inpairs provides an important probe of strong interactions. The top quark mass isa key fundamental parameter which places a valuable constraint on the Higgsboson mass and electroweak symmetry breaking. Observations of the relativerates and kinematics of top quark final states constrain potential new physics.In many cases, the tests available with study of the top quark are bothcritical and unique. Large increases in data samples from the Fermilab Tevatronhave been coupled with major improvements in experimental techniques to producemany new precision measurements of the top quark. The first direct evidence forelectroweak production of top quarks has been obtained, with a resulting directdetermination of $V {tb}$. Several of the properties of the top quark have beenmeasured. Progress has also been made in obtaining improved limits on potentialanomalous production and decay mechanisms. This review presents an overview ofrecent theoretical and experimental developments in this field. We also providea brief discussion of the implications for further efforts.

Autor: R. Kehoe, M. Narain, A. Kumar


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