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Abstract: Considering certain interesting features in the previously reported 166ErMoessbauer effect and neutron diffraction data on the polycrystalline form ofErPd2Si2 crystallizing in ThCr2Si2-type tetragonal structure, we have carriedout magnetic measurements 1.8 to 300 K on the single crystalline form of thiscompound. We observe significant anisotropy in the absolute values ofmagnetization indicating that the easy axis is c-axis as well as in thefeatures due to magnetic ordering in the plot of magnetic susceptibility chiversus temperature T at low temperatures. The chiT data reveal that thereis a pseudo-low dimensional magnetic order setting in at 4.8 K, with athree-dimensional antiferromagnetic ordering setting in at a lower temperature3.8 K. A new finding in the chiT data is that, for H-<110>, but not forH-<001>, there is a broad shoulder in the range 8-20 K, indicative of theexistence of magnetic correlations above 5 K as well, which could be related tothe previously reported slow-relaxation-dominated Moessbauer spectra.Interestingly, the temperature coefficient of electrical resistivity is foundto be isotropic; no feature due to magnetic ordering could be detected in theelectrical resistivity data at low temperatures, which is attributed tomagnetic Brillioun-zone boundary gap effects. The results reveal complex natureof the magnetism of this compound.

Autor: E.V. Sampathkumaran, Niharika Mohapatra, Kartik K Iyer, C.D. Cao, W. Loeser, G. Behr


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