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Abstract: The properties of outflows powered by massive stars are reviewed with anemphasis on the nearest examples, Orion and Cepheus-A. The Orion OMC1 outflowmay have been powered by the dynamical decay of a non-hierarchical massive starsystem that resulted in the ejection of the BN object, and poossibly radiosoruces I and n from the OMC1 core. This interaction must have produced atleast one massive binary whose gravitational binding energy ejected the starsand powered the outflow. A specific model for the coupling of this energy tothe gas is proposed. The radio source HW2 in the Cep-A region appears to drivea pulsed, precessing jet that may be powered by a moderate-mass companion in aneccentric and inclined orbit. This configuration may be the result of binaryformation by capture. These outflows demonstrate that dynamical interactionsamong massive stars are an important feature of massive star formation.

Author: John Bally

Source: https://arxiv.org/

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