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In the Drosophila olfactory system, odorant information is sensed by olfactory sensory neurons and relayed from the primary olfactory center, the antennal lobe AL, to higher olfactory centers via olfactory projection neurons PNs. A major portion of the AL is constituted with dendrites of four groups of PNs, anterodorsal PNs adPNs, lateral PNs lPNs, lateroventral PNs lvPNs and ventral PNs vPNs. Previous studies have been focused on the development and function of adPNs and lPNs, while the investigation on those of lvPNs and vPNs received less attention. Here, we study the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the morphogenesis of a putative male-pheromone responding vPN, the DA1 vPN. Using an intersection strategy to remove background neurons labeled within a DA1 vPN-containing GAL4 line, we depicted morphological changes of the DA1 vPN that occurs at the pupal stage. We then conducted a pilot screen using RNA interference knock-down approach to identify cell surface molecules, including Down syndrome cell adhesion molecule 1 and Semaphorin-1a, that might play essential roles for the DA1 vPN morphogenesis. Taken together, by revealing molecular and cellular basis of the DA1 vPN morphogenesis, we should provide insights into future comprehension of how vPNs are assembled into the olfactory neural circuitry.

Autor: Hung-Chang Shen , Jia-Yi Wei , Sao-Yu Chu , Pei-Chi Chung , Tsai-Chi Hsu , Hung-Hsiang Yu



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