Crystal Structure of Polymeric Di-μ1,3- AzidodipyridinemanganeseII; Mnpy2N32Report as inadecuate

Crystal Structure of Polymeric Di-μ1,3- AzidodipyridinemanganeseII; Mnpy2N32 - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

Croatica Chemica Acta, Vol.63 No.4 March 1991. -

The structure of a 1:2 complex of manganeseI1 azide with pyridine has been determined by X-ray crystallography. The crystals are tetragonal and belong to the space group I 4Ja, with a = 1551.74, c = 1003.11 pm and Z = 8. The structure has been refined to R = 0.67 for 1152 observed MoKa diffractometer data. The manganese atom is octahedrally coordinated by six ligand nitrogen atoms at distances of 219.55, 221.74 and 225.93 pm. These octahedra are linked together by the p1,3-azido ligands to form a three dimensional network. The azide groups are almost linear and appear to be symmetrical, the N-N distances being 115.16 and 117.05 pm. The symmetry of the azido ligands is confirmed by disappearance

of the v-N3 mode from the infrared spectrum.

Author: Mohamed A. S. Goher - ; Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt Franz A. Mautner -



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