Abscisic Acid Induces Rapid Reductions in Mesophyll Conductance to Carbon DioxideReport as inadecuate

Abscisic Acid Induces Rapid Reductions in Mesophyll Conductance to Carbon Dioxide - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

The rate of photosynthesis A of plants exposed to water deficit is a function of stomatal gs and mesophyll gm conductance determining the availability of CO2 at the site of carboxylation within the chloroplast. Mesophyll conductance often represents the greatest impediment to photosynthetic uptake of CO2, and a crucial determinant of the photosynthetic effects of drought. Abscisic acid ABA plays a fundamental role in signalling and co-ordination of plant responses to drought; however, the effect of ABA on gm is not well-defined. Rose, cherry, olive and poplar were exposed to exogenous ABA and their leaf gas exchange parameters recorded over a four hour period. Application with ABA induced reductions in values of A, gs and gm in all four species. Reduced gm occurred within one hour of ABA treatment in three of the four analysed species; indicating that the effect of ABA on gm occurs on a shorter timescale than previously considered. These declines in gm values associated with ABA were not the result of physical changes in leaf properties due to altered turgor affecting movement of CO2, or caused by a reduction in the sub-stomatal concentration of CO2 Ci. Increased ABA likely induces biochemical changes in the properties of the interface between the sub-stomatal air-space and mesophyll layer through the actions of cooporins to regulate the transport of CO2. The results of this study provide further evidence that gm is highly responsive to fluctuations in the external environment, and stress signals such as ABA induce co-ordinated modifications of both gs and gm in the regulation of photosynthesis.

Author: Giuseppe Sorrentino, Matthew Haworth , Said Wahbi, Tariq Mahmood, Shi Zuomin, Mauro Centritto

Source: http://plos.srce.hr/


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