Research results for the Batina – Sredno site in 2015Report as inadecuate

Research results for the Batina – Sredno site in 2015 - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

Annales Instituti Archaeologici, Vol.XII No.1 October 2016. -

Within Baranja-s Archaeological Heritage project, research continued on the Batina – Sredno site concentrating on tumulus 2 and the area around it. The research area was in the northern part of Sredno position, near the settlement on Gradac, that is, west of tumulus 1, explored in 2012 and 2014.

A square-shaped grave pit was found in the middle of tumulus 2 with some remains of wooden grave architecture. At the bottom of the grave chamber fig. 4, there were numerous grave goods, such as, ceramic vessels decorated with tin slats, two ceramic spindle whorls, small bronze fragments clothing parts, glass beads with three protrusions and golden ring-shaped beads.

The findings suggest the burial of a distinguished woman in the late 8th c. BC. There was a fence along the edge of the tumulus, of which a series of postholes remains. South of the tumulus, a prehistoric cremation grave was found, along with three Roman cremation graves. Roman cremation grave 100 stands out in terms of the quality and quantity of findings fig. 7, which include ceramic lamp, coin, hook, ceramic beads, fragments of a glass bowl and an object made of iron. In grave 98 a knee fibula was found. The results of the research conducted so far have confirmed Batina as an exceptional archaeological site that keeps offering valuable information about the end of the Late Bronze and beginning of the Early Iron Age, as well as insight into the life along the Limes in Antiquity.

Batina; Baranja; Dalj group; Early Iron Age; grave architecture; Antiquity; necropolis, limes

Author: Tomislav Hršak - ; Museum of Slavonia in Osijek, Archaeological department, Osijek, Croatia Tino L



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