Measuring and Mitigating Web Performance Bottlenecks in Broadband Access NetworksReport as inadecuate

Measuring and Mitigating Web Performance Bottlenecks in Broadband Access Networks - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

1 GATECH - College of Computing 2 NPA - Networks and Performance Analysis LIP6 - Laboratoire d-Informatique de Paris 6 3 LINCS - Laboratory of Information, Network and Communication Sciences 4 Cisco Systems

Abstract : We measure Web performance bottlenecks in home broadband ac- cess networks and evaluate ways to mitigate these bottlenecks with caching within home networks. We first measure Web performance bottlenecks to nine popular Web sites from more than 5,000 broad- band access networks and demonstrate that when the downstream throughput of the access link exceeds about 16 Mbits-s, latency is the main bottleneck for Web page load time. Next, we use a router- based Web measurement tool, Mirage, to deconstruct Web page load time into its constituent components DNS lookup, TCP con- nection setup, object download and show that simple latency opti- mizations can yield significant improvements in overall page load times. We then present a case for placing a cache in the home net- work and deploy three common optimizations: DNS caching, TCP connection caching, and content caching. We show that caching only DNS and TCP connections yields significant improvements in page load time, even when the user-s browser is already performing similar independent optimizations. Finally, we use traces from real homes to demonstrate how prefetching DNS and TCP connections for popular sites in a home-router cache can achieve faster page load times.

Author: Srikanth Sundaresan - Nick Feamster - Renata Teixeira - Nazanin Magharei -



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