Characteristics of the Tombusvirus from Spinach Spinacia oleraceaReport as inadecuate

Characteristics of the Tombusvirus from Spinach Spinacia oleracea - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

Acta Botanica Croatica, Vol.45 No.1 December 1986. -

The biological, serological and some biophysical properties of the tombusvirus causing severe disease of spinach S. oleracea L. and here designated TBSV-S were studied. The virus was compared with 11 other isolates belonging to six serologically interrelated tombusviruses.

In double diffusion serological tests, TBSV-S was shown to be identical to PAMV-Type, TBSV-Grape vine and TBSV-Cherry from PAMV sub-group of tombusviruses, and formed a spur with AMCV of the same sub-group and other reference tombusvirus isolates. It differed, however, from the members of the PAMV sub-group in the reaction of test-plants and electrophoretic mobility. Electron microscopy of purified preparations and density gradient centrifugation showed that TBSV-S was considerably stable and in this respect similar to AMCV. Its DEP was between 10-5 and 10-8, TIP between 84°C and 88°C and stability in sap at 20°C was 46 and 58 days, depending on the host-plant source. In addition to the ultrastructural modifications observed earlier with infections by other tombusviruses, TBSV-S provoked in the cytoplasm the appearance of distinct concentrically arrayed membranes deriving from the proliferation of endoplasmic reticulum. In some places virus particles were found in monolayers sandwiched between pairs of these membranes. Such structures could not be found in tissues infected with the reference isolates. On the basis of the properties investigated and current knowledge of tombusviruses, we consider the tombusvirus from spinach in a broader sense as a special spinich strain of TBSV. This paper also shows the remarkable variability of tombusviruses, which is expressed in the overlapping of their numerous properties, and which makes their classification difficult.

Author: Živojin Erić - ; BiH Zlata Štefanac - ; Hrvatska Biljana Plavšić - ; BiH



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