Isolation and characterization of the first phage infecting ecologically important marine bacteria ErythrobacterReport as inadecuate

Isolation and characterization of the first phage infecting ecologically important marine bacteria Erythrobacter - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

Virology Journal

, 14:104

Viruses of microbes


BackgroundErythrobacter comprises a widespread and ecologically significant genus of marine bacteria. However, no phage infecting Erythrobacter spp. has been reported to date. This study describes the isolation and characterization of phage vB EliS-R6L from Erythrobacter.

MethodsStandard virus enrichment and double-layer agar methods were used to isolate and characterize the phage. Morphology was observed by transmission electron microscopy, and a one-step growth curve assay was performed. The phage genome was sequenced using the Illumina Miseq platform and annotated using standard bioinformatics tools. Phylogenetic analyses were performed based on the deduced amino acid sequences of terminase, endolysin, portal protein, and major capsid protein, and genome recruitment analysis was conducted using Jiulong River Estuary Virome, Pacific Ocean Virome and Global Ocean Survey databases.

ResultsA novel phage, vB EliS-R6L, from coastal waters of Xiamen, China, was isolated and found to infect the marine bacterium Erythrobacter litoralis DSM 8509. Morphological observation and genome analysis revealed that phage vB EliS-R6L is a siphovirus with a 65.7-kb genome that encodes 108 putative gene products. The phage exhibits growth at a wide range of temperature and pH conditions. Genes encoding five methylase-related proteins were found in the genome, and recognition site predictions suggested its resistance to restriction-modification host systems. Genomic comparisons and phylogenetic analyses indicate that phage vB EliS-R6L is distinct from other known phages. Metagenomic recruitment analysis revealed that vB EliS-R6L-like phages are widespread in marine environments, with likely distribution in coastal waters.

ConclusionsIsolation of the first Erythrobacter phage vB EliS-R6L will contribute to our understanding of host-phage interactions, the ecology of marine Erythrobacter and viral metagenome annotation efforts.

KeywordsErythrobacter Marine Siphovirus Complete genome sequence AbbreviationsAAPBAerobic anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria

SMSodium chloride-magnesium sulfate

TEMTransmission electron microscopy

PFUPlaque forming unit

EOPEfficiency of plating

ODOptical density

PCRPolymerase chain reaction

ORFsOpen reading frames


JREJiulong River Estuary

POCPacific Ocean Virome

GOSGlobal Ocean Survey

Author: Longfei Lu - Lanlan Cai - Nianzhi Jiao - Rui Zhang


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