Transport anomalies in CeCu2Si2Report as inadecuate

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Abstract : The transport properties resistivity ρ, thermopower S, thermal conductivity k of CeCu2Si2 with unstable 4f shell and of LaCu2Si2 as reference compound were measured between 1.5 K and 300 K. For CeCu2Si2, ρ becomes as large as 220 µΩcm at 200 K indicating an electronic mean free path of the order of the Ce-Ce spacing. Correspondingly, below 100 K we infer k ≈ kp phonon conductivity. The low temperature results of S suggest heavy Fermi liquid behavior with characteristic temperature T* = 30 ± 10 K. Above 20 K, a distinct temperature dependence of both ρ and S originates in the crystal field splitting of the j = 5-2 state of Ce3+ with unstable 4f shell.

Author: W. Franz F. Steglich D. Wohlleben



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