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Abstract: The Ghirardi-Rimini-Weber GRW theory of spontaneous wave function collapseis known to provide a quantum theory without observers, in fact two differentones by using either the matter density ontology GRWm or the flash ontologyGRWf. Both theories are known to make predictions different from those ofquantum mechanics, but the difference is so small that no decisive experimentcan as yet be performed. While some testable deviations from quantum mechanicshave long been known, we provide here something that has until now beenmissing: a formalism that succinctly summarizes the empirical predictions ofGRWm and GRWf. We call it the GRW formalism. Its structure is similar to thatof the quantum formalism but involves different operators. In other words, weestablish the validity of a general algorithm for directly computing thetestable predictions of GRWm and GRWf. We further show that some well-definedquantities cannot be measured in a GRWm or GRWf world.

Autor: Sheldon Goldstein, Roderich Tumulka, Nino Zanghi


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