Affective Interacting ArtReport as inadecuate

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1 Graduate School of Advanced Imaging Science, Multimedia, and Film

Abstract : This paper to study the potential of expressing ink-and-wash painting through interaction, and present a direction that can coincide with modern paintings by developing ink-and-wash painting from a traditional aspect through analyzing the theories and tech-niques instilled in my works.This work is an interactive visualization of an oriental cymbidium using modern technology which our oriental ancestors painted for mental training. During the old days in the orient, people used to wipe cymbidium leaves or painted cymbidium for mental training by having a cymbidium always by their side. Through the act of wiping cymbidium leaves with utmost care, a cymbidium instilled with ancient philosophical ideas is visualized.

Keywords : Ethnographic Design mental training Interactive art oriental digital art ink-and-wash painting haptic

Author: Youngmi Kim - Jongsoo Choi -



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