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1 Laboratory of nonlinear physics

Abstract : In recent studies we have multiply envisioned the irrationality of the traditional plasma kinetis~1-5. Its basic false cornerstone was shown to be the substitution of real plasmas by plasma probabilistic ensembles~1-3. We have created culture of plasma studies with refrain from an ensemble substitution~1-8. We discovered intense decay of Langmuir quanta, as opposite to traditional deduction of their conservation~1-3. The quanta decay prevents formation of Langmuir condensate in a weak Langmuir turbulence 1, Appendix, suppresses long-wavelength plasma modulational instability~3, precludes Langmuir wave collapses~1-3. Besides, it helped to highlight the uselessness of hydrodynamic modelling of plasma nonlinear phenomena 2-3, to state an inadequateness of modelling collisionless plasma by the Vlasov equation~3, to state of inadequateness of ``Particle in Cell- method of numerical plasma simulation to the plasma nature 3. Finally, it was shown that existed theory undervalued notably the intensity of induced scattering of short Langmuir waves 4 and distorted physics of the electron distribution evolution during this scattering 8. With this, an extensive revision of the plasma physics and of the theoretical physics in general are needed.

Keywords : plasma kinetics plasma physics physics of discrete media physics of continuous media statistical mechanics plasma turbulence theory physical kinetics

Author: Vasily Erofeev -

Source: https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/


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