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Abstract: In Sch05a, it is argued that Boltzmann-s intuition, that the psychologicalarrow of time is necessarily aligned with the thermodynamic arrow, is correct.Schulman gives an explicit physical mechanism for this connection, based on thebrain being representable as a computer, together with certain thermodynamicproperties of computational processes. Haw94 presents similar, if briefer,arguments. The purpose of this paper is to critically examine the support forthe link between thermodynamics and an arrow of time for computers. Theprincipal arguments put forward by Schulman and Hawking will be shown to fail.It will be shown that any computational process that can take place in anentropy increasing universe, can equally take place in an entropy decreasinguniverse. This conclusion does not automatically imply a psychological arrowcan run counter to the thermodynamic arrow. Some alternative possible explana-tions for the alignment of the two arrows will be briefly discussed.

Autor: O. J. E. Maroney


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