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World of Story, The Enormous Turnip translations

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Description: Part of the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers World of Story program. Includes translations and language learning activities for -The Enormous Turnip-

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The Enormous Turnip World of Story Collection Enormous Turnip (2005) Uwungelema (2006) Bundle of Sticks (2007) Stranger Who Snored (2008) Toad is the Uncle of Heaven (2009) Books, activities, and audio versions of stories in over 32 languages are available on-line at: Vietnamese - English World of Story 2005 Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers OTHER ACTIVITIES OTHER ACTIVITIES Here are some more fun things that you can do.  Tell the story to someone who has not read it.  Act out the story.  Ông cụ có hạt giống của củ cải Tây Ông chôn hạt giống củ cải xuống đất Ông tưới nước và cây bắt đầu mọc lên Củ cải mọc lớn lên, lớn, lớn hơn nữa Cây củ cải khổng lồ 2 23 Plant a seed with your family.
It can be anything a flower, fruit, or vegetable.  Cook dinner together.  Help people do something they cannot do alone. COLOURING PAGE Colour the potato, man, woman, boy, girl, and sheep. This old man has some turnip seeds. The old man plants the seeds. He waters the seeds The turnip seeds grow. One turnip grows and grows and grows! It is enormous! 22 3 ACTIVITIES WORD SEARCH Can you find all the words that are in the word list? Ông cụ nói:”Tôi muốn ăn củ cải này” Ông nhổ cây củ cải Ông cụ kéo và kéo nhưng nhổ không nổi cây củ cải khổng lồ” 4 21 STORY REVIEW 1.
What did the old man want? 2.
Why did the old man want it? 3.
Who did the old man ask for help? 4.
What happened at the end of the story? 5.
What did you learn from the story? 6.
Is there a similar story in your culture? If yes, please share it with your teacher or family. The old man says “I want some turnip for dinner.” He goes to pull up the enormous turnip. He pulls and pulls, but he can’t pull up the enormous turnip. 20 5 Ông kêu bà cụ đến để giúp Ông cụ nói: ”Đến để giúp tôi nhổ cây củ cải khổng ...

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