Complexity of the satisfactory partition problemReport as inadecuate

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1 LAMSADE - Laboratoire d-analyse et modélisation de systèmes pour l-aide à la décision 2 MTA SZTAKI - Computer and Automation Research Institute Budapest

Abstract : The SATISFACTION PARTITION problem consists in deciding if a given graph has a partition of its vertex set into two nonempty parts such that each vertex has at least as many neighbors in its part as in the other parts. This problem was introduced by Gerber enad Kobler GK98, GK00 and further studied by other authors but its complexity remained open until now. We also study generalizations and variants of this problem where a partition into K nonempty parts K>ou =3 is requested.

Keywords : NP-complete polynomial algorithm complexity graph Satisfactory partition

Author: Cristina Bazgan - Zsolt Tuza - Daniel Vanderpooten -



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