Leser-Trélat sign: Does it really existReport as inadecuate

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Acta dermatovenerologica Croatica, Vol.21 No.2 August 2013. -

Leser-Trelat sign is a rare cutaneous disorder that appears by sudden emergence of seborrheic keratoses and increase in their numbers and size just in weeks or months. Its cooccurence with many kinds of malignancies, especially with adenocarcinoma and lymphoma, has been reported in literature. In this case report, a patient having Leser Trélat sign, without any detected malignancy in spite of a detailed examination and 18 months of follow-up, is presented. The current literature is being discussed whether Leser-Trélat is a paraneoplastic syndrome or not.

Author: Enver Turan - ; M.D., Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Harran, 63200-Sanliurfa, Turkey Yavuz Yesilova - ;

Source: http://hrcak.srce.hr/


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