The Action of p-Synephrine on Lipid Metabolism in the Perfused Rat LiverReport as inadecuate

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p-synephrineand p-octopamine were found to increase lipolysis in adipocytes. Thepresent study approaches the question if these compounds, natural products ofthe bitter orange Citrus aurantium fruit, increase lipolysis andfatty acid oxidation in the liver. Experiments were done in the perfused ratliver. Non-recirculatinghemoglobin-free perfusion was done using the Krebs- Henseleit-bicarbonate buffer pH 7.4 as perfusionfluid. Both p-synephrine and p-octopamine, at the concentrationsof 100 μM, were found to stimulate the hepatic triacylglycerol lipase by 40%and 51%, respectively. These seem to be the maximal stimulations possible inthe liver. In the perfused liver, p-synephrine,when present at an initial concentration of 500 μM, was able to increase thenon-esterified fatty acid release after one hour of recirculating perfusion.The effects of p-synephrine on the oxidation of exogenously supplied 1-14Coctanoateand 1-14Coleate were minimal. Only oxygen uptake, alreadystimulated by octanoate or oleate, was additionally increased by the infusionof p-synephrine. These results contrast with those obtained in aprevious study with p-octopamine, which increased the production of 14CO2 from both 1-14Coctanoate and 1-14Coleate. Apparentlyonly the oxidation of endogenous fatty acids is stimulated by p-synephrine.On the other hand, both p-synephrine and p-octopamine stimulatethe hepatic triacylglycerol lipase to a much lesser extent than the adipocytelipase. It can be concluded that p-synephrine affects much morecarbohydrate metabolism in the liver than lipid metabolism.


Hepatic Lipid Metabolism, Lipolysis, Fatty Acid Release, Fatty Acid Oxidation

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da Silva-Pereira, J. , de Oliveira Valoto, A. , Bracht, L. , de Almeida Gonçalves, G. , Peralta, R. and Bracht, A. 2017 The Action of p-Synephrine on Lipid Metabolism in the Perfused Rat Liver. Journal of Biosciences and Medicines, 5, 8-21. doi: 10.4236-jbm.2017.55002.

Author: Juliany Fontoura da Silva-Pereira1, Andrea Luiza de Oliveira Valoto2, Lívia Bracht1, Geferson de Almeida Gonçalves1, Rosane Mar



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