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Abstract: The unexpectedly strong suppression of high p T heavy-quarks in heavy-ioncollisions has given rise to the idea that partons propagating through a mediumin addition to energy loss by induced radiation also undergo substantial energyloss due to elastic collisions. However, the precise magnitude of this elasticenergy loss component is highly controversial. While it is for a parton insidea medium surprisingly difficult to define the difference between elastic andradiative processes rigorously, the main phenomenological difference is in thedependence of energy loss on in-medium pathlength: in a constant mediumradiative energy loss is expected to grow quadratically with pathlength,elastic energy loss linearly. In this paper, we investigate a class of energyloss models with such a linear pathlength dependence and demonstrate that theyare incompatible with measured data on hard hadronic back-to-back correlationswhere a substantial variation of pathlength is probed. This indicates that anyelastic energy loss component has to be small.

Author: Thorsten Renk


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