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The paper investigates the non-local property of quantum mechanics byanalyzing the role of the quantum potential in generating the non-localdynamics and how they are perturbed in presence of noise. The resulting openquantum dynamics much depend by the strength of the Hamiltonian interaction:Weakly bounded systems may not be able to maintain the quantum superposition ofstates on large distances and lead to the classical stochastic evolution. Thestochastic hydrodynamic quantum approach shows that the wave-function collapseto an eigenstates can be described by the model itself and that the minimum uncertaintyprinciple is compatible with the relativistic postulate about the light speedas the maximum velocity of transmission of interaction. The paper shows thatthe Lorenz invariance of the quantum potential does not allow super-luminaltransmission of information in measurements on quantum entangled states.


Quantum Non-Locality, Superluminal Transmission of Quantum Information, Classical Freedom, Local Relativistic Causality, EPR Paradox, Macroscopic Quantum Decoherence

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Chiarelli, P. 2016 Quantum Decoherence Induced by Fluctuations. Open Access Library Journal, 3, 1-20. doi: 10.4236-oalib.1102466.

Autor: Piero Chiarelli1,2

Fuente: http://www.scirp.org/


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