Utilization of Bamboo Shoots Bambusa vulgaris in Chips ProductionReport as inadecuate

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The study aimed to develop bamboo shoots as a healthy snack alternative. Healthysnacks can be an important part of nutritious diet. A healthy snack can offer healthbenefits. Modern research finds that the bamboo shoot has a number of medicinalbenefits, from cancer prevention and weight loss to improving appetite and digestion.Bamboo shoots are not only delicious but also rich in nutrients, and rank amongthe five most popular healthcare foods in the world. The main raw material usedin this study is bamboo shoots locally known as -labong- which is rich in dietaryfiber and various vitamins like C, E, and B6 as well as nutritious substances andminerals. With the idea of making healthy veggie chips, the researchers decidedto make a snack from bamboo shoots or -labong-. The product has undergone microbiologicalanalysis and sensory evaluation to determine the safety and acceptability of theproduct at the Bulacan State University Food Analytical Testing Center. Based onthe microbiological analysis of the BSU Bulacan State University Analytical TestingLaboratory conducted for the bamboo shoots -labong- chips, the sample has coliformcount, yeast and molds count, aerobic plate counts and Staphylococcus aureus count values that are within BFAD standards. Thesample passed the microbiological analysis and is considered safe for human consumption.The overall acceptability of the sample product is like.


Bamboo Shoots, Microbiological, Snacks, Chips, Sensory

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Author: Dolly P. Maroma

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