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5D World-Universe Model is based on the decisive role of the Medium of the World composed of massive particles: protons, electrons, photons, neutrinos, and dark matter particles. In this manuscript we discuss different aspects of the gravitation: measured values of the Newtonian parameter of Gravitation and different Gravitational effects gravitational lensing, cosmological redshift, gravitational deflection of light and gravitational refraction, proposed in the present paper. We show inter-connectivity of all cosmological parameters and provide a mathematical framework that allows direct calculation of them based on the value of the gravitational parameter. We analyze the difference between Electromagnetism and Gravitoelectromagnetism and make a conclusion about the mandatory existence of the Medium of the World. This paper aligns the World-Universe Model with the Le Sage’s theory of gravitation and makes a deduction on Gravity, Space and Time be emergent phenomena.


5D World-Universe Model, Newtonian Parameter of Gravitation, Le Sage’s Gravity, Cosmic Neutrino Background, Gravitoelectromagnetism, Medium of the World, Cosmological Parameters, Emergent Phenomena

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Netchitailo, V. 2016 5D World-Universe Model. Gravitation. Journal of High Energy Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology, 2, 328-343. doi: 10.4236-jhepgc.2016.23031.

Autor: Vladimir S. Netchitailo

Fuente: http://www.scirp.org/


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