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Abstract: An alternative cosmological model is presented, which avoids the requirementof dark energy and dark matter. Based on the proposition that energyconservation should be valid not only locally but also globally, the energytensor of general relativity has to be corrected, including potential energy ofmatter explicitly. This leads to the consequence that a homogeneous universemust be static, as potential energy acts as a field with negative pressure. Inthis static universe cosmological red shift can be understood as energy loss bygravitational radiation. There exists a continuous matter cycle, beginning fromhot intergalactic plasma, which is replenished by the jets of quasars, theformation of large web-like structures, the formation of galaxies and stars, tothe final collapse into quasars again. The model is confirmed qualitatively bythe observed size distribution of cosmic structures. Quantitative confirmationis obtained from the diffuse x-ray background and from observations ofsupernovas. As the total energy content of the universe trace of the energytensor is zero in this model, creation ex nihilo is possible, but requireschanges of our elementary particle models. An idea of a modified model ispresented.

Autor: Ernst Fischer


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