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Ten isolates of Erwinia carotovora ssp. carotovora Ecc were isolated from infectedpotato tubers of Picasso, Sante, and Nevskiy varieties collected from differentregions in Kyrgyzstan. Isolates were identified as Erwinia carotovora ssp. carotovora Ecc bystandard bacteriological techniques and pathogenicity tests on tubers and alsoby PCR analyses. Tests on the pathogenicity of E. carotovora ssp. carotovora Eccstrains to host plants by artificial inoculation have shown a high sensibilityof the Picasso variety. As a result, five isolates were chosen, three isolatesEcPo1, EcPo2, and Eco3 were highly pathogenic, while twoisolates Eco4 and Eco5 were weakly pathogenic. The antagonisticbacteria, Streptomyces diastatochromogenes strain sk-6, and Streptomycesgraminearuss strain sk-2, havea highly significant effect on soft rot bacteria isolates Ecc, morethan the other tested antagonistic organisms in vitro screening biotests. The Streptomyces diastatochromogenessk-6 was selected for the control assay of storage potatoes against themost common soft rot bacterial strain in Kyrgyzstan, Erwinia carotovora sp. carotovora EcPo2. Thepretreatment of potato tubers with antagonistic bacteria successfully preventedthe initial infection multiplication of soft rot bacteria and reduced soft rotdisease of potatoes in storage. These results justify selection of the dose 106 cells-ml of bacteria Streptomyces diastatochromogenes sk-6 for use in powdering the infectedor non-infected potato tubers to suppress the development soft rot duringstorage. Streptomyces diastatochromogenes sk-6 as a biological disinfectant could destroy surface andinternal infections, protect the tubers from the growth of phytopathogenicbacteria in the early period of their reproduction, and improve theoverwintering of winter crops.


Potato Tubers, Soft Rot Disease, Erwinia carotovora ssp. carotovora, Biological Control, Streptomyces diastatochromogenes

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Doolotkeldieva, T. , Bobusheva, S. and Suleymankisi, A. 2016 Biological Control of Erwinia carotovora ssp. carotovora by Streptomyces Species. Advances in Microbiology, 6, 104-114. doi: 10.4236-aim.2016.62011.

Autor: Tinatin Doolotkeldieva, Saykal Bobusheva, Ayzat Suleymankisi



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