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There are an increasing numberof Japanese workers living in foreign countries these days, due toglobalization. The purpose of this study is to find out what kind of stresspeople are facing when working in China, and how they go about coping with it.Even if a person experiences stress, what is important is how he copes anddeals with it in a positive way. Changing a person’s cognitive thinking and howone reacts to different situations is important for people working in foreigncountries. Communication, becoming involved in various activities and openingup to others will help people to cope with stress and be able to accept theculture and customs of the country in which they are living.


Oversea Posting, Fuzzy Cluster, Stress

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Kato, C. , Yoshinuma, S. , Aoki, K. , Goto, F. , Yoshizumi, T. , Goto, T. and Tsuchida, K. 2016 Mental Health for Japanese People Posted Overseas. Open Journal of Social Sciences, 4, 30-32. doi: 10.4236-jss.2016.42006.

Author: Chieko Kato1, Satoshi Yoshinuma1, Koichiro Aoki1, Fumiko Goto1, Toshihiro Yoshizumi1, Takehide Goto2, Kensei Tsuchida1



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