Vulnerability of mountain rivers to waste dumping from Neamț County, RomaniaReport as inadecuate

Vulnerability of mountain rivers to waste dumping from Neamț County, Romania - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

1 -Alexandru Ioan Cuza - University

Abstract : Lack of waste management facilities from mountain region often lead to uncontrolled disposal of waste on river banks polluting the local environment and damaging the tourism potential. Geographical conditions influences the distribution of human settlements which are located along the rivers and its tributaries. This paper aims to estimate the amounts of household waste generated and uncollected disposed into mountain rivers, taking into account several factors such as:proximity of rivers to the human settlements, the morphology of villages, length of river that crosses the localitybuilt up areas, local population, the access to waste collection services and waste management infrastructure. Vulnerability of rivers to illegal dumping is performed using GIS techniques, highlighting the localities pressure on rivers in close proximity. For this purpose, it developed a calculation model for estimation the amounts of waste kg that are dumped on a river section m that crosses a locality village or it is in close proximity. This estimation is based on the -principle of proximity and minimum effort- it can be applied in any mountainous region that are lacking or partially access to waste collection services. It is an assessment tool of mountain rivers vulnerability to waste dumping,taking into account the geographical and demographic conditions of the study area. Also the current dysfunctions are analyzed based on field observations.

Keywords : mountain rivers GIS techniques assessment tool waste dumping indicators

Author: Florin-Constantin Mihai - Liviu Apostol - Adrian Ursu - Pavel Ichim -



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