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Patients presented withspinal metastases from unknown primary tumours are rare. In this research weevaluated all patients with metastatic spinal tumour of unknown primary tumour,all patients were evaluated pre-operatively and comparison was done to thosepatients who had known primary tumour the study aimed to compare the group withknown primary and the group with the unknown primary regarding the: mean age,gender, duration of symptoms, complication rate, region of the spine affectedby metastasis, presence or absence of other skeletal or visceral metastasis,histological cell type and neurological outcome. Method: A retrospective studywas performed on 40 patients presented to Neuroscience hospital in Baghdad fromJanuary 2010 till January 2014; all patients with metastatic spinal tumour wereincluded in our study. We reviewed all patients’ records including age, sex,primary tumour, duration of their symptoms, neurological out come andcomplications. Results: Out of the 40 patient who presented with spinal tumoursthat underwent surgery duo to metastatic spinal tumour, five patients presentedwith spinal compression duo to metastatic tumour of unknown primary tumour12.5%. The mean age was 64 years, 4 male and one female. For those with aknown primary tumour mean age was 61 year, 22 male 13 female. Duration ofsymptoms prior to surgery was the same 180 days for those with unknown primaryand 190 day for those with known primary tumours. They also had similarneurological outcome 80% remain the same or improved post operatively forthose with unknown primary and 85.7% for those with a known primary tumour,and a similar complication rate for unknown primary was 25% versus 28% forknown. The primary site of metastatic spinal tumour of unknown primary wasconfirmed after histopathology all shown adenocarcinoma four from the lung80% and one from colorectal. While the most common known carcinoma site werethe lung 18 patient 51.4%, colorectal 8 22.8%, breast 7 20%, and renal 25.71%. All patient who complain from secondary spinal metastasis with unknownprimary tumour didn’t show any other skeletal or visceral metastasis, whilethose with a known primary tumour 6 patient out of 35 17.1% shown involvementof other site, the indication of surgery was to remove cord compression andrestore neurological deficit. The most common site for metastasis was thedorsal spine for those of an unknown primary tumour 4 out of 5 patients 80%,and for those of a known primary tumour it was the lumbar area 28 out of 35patient 80%. In conclusion metastatic spinal tumour of unknown primary was acommon condition; it has similar demographic features, complications, andneurologic sequel with the spinal metastasis of known primary. Adenocarcinomaof the lung is the most common primary tumour proved after histopathology forspinal metastasis of unknown primary.


Metastatic Spinal Tumour, Metastatic Spinal Tumour of Unknown Primary

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Sagban, W. , Ridha, S. and Hasan, Z. 2016 Comparison between Metastatic Spinal Tumour of Unknown Primary Tumour with a Known Primary. World Journal of Neuroscience, 6, 18-22. doi: 10.4236-wjns.2016.61002.

Autor: Wissam Jassim Sagban1, S.M.S. Ridha1, Zaki Noah Hasan2*



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