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Underage marriages are going on to keep their commonness in countries suchas Turkey although frequencies of them are decreasing in the world. Accordingto the law, marriages before eighteen years old are also defined as earlymarriages. Being married of girls at early ages makes these children deprivedfrom education life and their vicinity. Therefore severe psychological difficultiesoccur in these children. In this study, 19 girls, who were being married atearly ages and psychologically examined between January 1st,2013-April 1st, 2015 in physical and mental health committee of theDicle University, Medical Faculty, were taken to evaluate. These 19 cases wereretrospectively assessed in sociodemographic data age, education level, andrelative degrees, type of marriage, state of mind, forensic reports and files.Of 410 cases, who admitted to our mental and physical committee, 19 4.6% wereat the category of early age marriage. These 19 cases range between 13 and 17years of age. Three of them 15.8% were thinking of suicide and one of them5.3% attempted suicide. At least, one mental disorder was diagnosed in 842.1% of the cases and the most common diagnose was acute stress disorder infour 21.1% cases. It has been stated that marriages at early ages are causedby economic and cultural reasons. As conclusion, being married of children atearly ages is an important risk factor in social and mental health.


Child Marriage, Mental Disorders, Forensic Medicine

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Kasım, B. , Cem, U. , Mustafa, K. , Süleyman, S. , İsmail, B. , Ubeydullah, D. , Yaşar, T. and Süleyman, G. 2015 Evaluation of the Early Age Married Girls Applying to Our Department. Open Journal of Pediatrics, 5, 334-338. doi: 10.4236-ojped.2015.54050.

Author: Bulut Kasım1*, Uysal Cem1, Korkmaz Mustafa1, Sivri Süleyman2, Bozkurt İsmail1, Durmaz Ubeydullah1, Tıraşçı Yaşar1, Gören

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