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A possible alternative to the acceleratinguniverse is proposed, which shows that the diminished brightness of the highred shift Type Ia supernovae can be explained by assuming light travels withreduced speed through the dark energy of intergalactic space. It is also shown that support for the model from baryonacoustic oscillations BAO studies can also be accommodated by the model. Twotables are given that compare the model with apparent magnitude differences andlength differences between the universe and theEinstein-de Sitter universe, and they show that the model yields thesedifferences quite accurately. A third table comparing the apparent magnitude differencebetween and a universe with is also given. Itexhibits poor agreement with the model, and hence the model favors the need fordark energy, albeit without negative pressure. As a new approach to the -whynow?- problem, and its apparent challenge to the Copernican principle, it isproposed that dark energy is a condensed form of dark matter caused byexpansion cooling, rather than a different substance. A motivation for analternative to is presented based ona principle that rules out the cosmological term.


Accelerating Universe, Alternative Model, Speed of Light, Dark Energy

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Tangherlini, F. 2015 A Possible Alternative to the Accelerating Universe. Journal of Modern Physics, 6, 78-87. doi: 10.4236-jmp.2015.61010.

Autor: Frank R. Tangherlini*

Fuente: http://www.scirp.org/


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