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Aim: To explore what is the relationship ofthe types of post-stroke aphasia with sex, age and stroke types. Methods: Retrospective analysis was administratedon data of 421 patients with acute stroke.Western battery aphasia was used to measure aphasiac type and aphasia quotientAQ score. The patients weredivided into three age groups: young, middle-aged and elderly. The stroke types were classified into cerebralinfraction CI and intracerebral hemorrhage ICH. Results: All subjects wereright-handed, which males and females accounted for 69.60% and 30.40%,respectively. There were 116 cases of Broca’s aphasia 85 males, 35 cases ofWernicke’s aphasia 20 males, 15cases of conductive aphasia 10 males, 63 cases of transcortical motor aphasia50 males, 11 cases of transcortical sensory aphasia 8 males, 27 cases oftranscortical combined aphasia 13 males, 73 cases of anomic aphasia 47 malesand 81 cases of global aphasia 60 males. Male patients 69.60% have asignificantly higher morbidity of aphasia than that of females 30.40% afterstroke χ2 =11.57, P = 0.003,especially those under 65 years old 73.38%. For people 65 years and older, the morbidity of female42.97% tends to increase with age. Sex has no significant influence on thetypes of aphasia χ2 =13.84, P = 0.054. Broca’s aphasia is the mostcommon type inboth male and female 29.01%, 24.22%, respectively. The distributionof aphasic types has no obvious difference among three age groups χ2 = 14.94, P= 0.382. Aphasia induced byCI 306 cases is more commonthan that by ICH 115 cases, but there was no difference in distribution oftypes of aphasia χ2 =13.23, P = 0.067. Conclusions: Male patientshave a significantly higher level of morbidity of aphasia than females afterstroke and a lower average age of onset than females. Broca’s aphasia is the most common one in bothmale and female. Broca’s aphasia, global and anomic aphasia are the most common aphasic types inboth CI and ICH patients, except the female with ICH.


Type of Aphasia, Sex, Age, Type of Stroke

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Yao, J. , Han, Z. , Song, Y. , Li, L. , Zhou, Y. , Chen, W. , Deng, Y. , Wang, Y. and Zhang, Y. 2015 Relationship of Post-Stroke Aphasic Types with Sex, Age and Stroke Types. World Journal of Neuroscience, 5, 34-39. doi: 10.4236-wjns.2015.51004.

Autor: Jingfan Yao1,2,3,4, Zaizhu Han5, Yanli Song1,2,3,4, Lei Li1,2,3,4, Yun Zhou1,2,3,4, Weikang Chen6, Yongmei Deng1,2,3,4, Yongjun W



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