Gold Nanoparticle and Berberine Entrapped into Hydrogel Matrix as Drug Delivery SystemReport as inadecuate

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In this study the novel hydrogel loaded with gold nanoparticle AuNP enhanced the berberine BSrelease when compared with other formulations of hydrogel. Hydrogels are hydrophilic polymernetworks having the capacity to absorb water, ranging from about twenty to thousand times theirdry weight. BS is a natural product, a quaternary ammonium salt from the group of isoquinolinealkaloids found in medicinal plants as Berberis Vulgaris. BS has some activity against dysentery,hypertension, inflammation, and liver disease in China and Japan. In this work, BS was used as amodel drug to study its association with different types of hydrogel composites of polyvinyl alcoholBS-PVA 10%; gellan gum BS-GG 2%, gellan gum-PVA crosslinked with cysteine cysBSGG2%PVA2%cys and gellan gum-PVA cosslinked with cysteine associated with gold nanoparticlesAuNP-BSGG2%PVA2%cys. Several parameters such as fraction of retained water Wf, hydrationpercentage %H, Swelling DSw and time course profile t = 100% TC were evaluatedfor all preparations. The results showed that the AuNP-BS-GG2%PVA2%cys was able to retainmore water and swelling than the other preparations. The time course of release of the BS to themedium was greater for AuNP-BS-GG2%PVA2%cys making it a candidate to drug delivery studiesin biological assays. Also Scanning Electron Microscopy SEM images of the surface of these hydrogelwere performed. Furthermore, crosslink of the resulting hydrogels were investigated byFourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy FTIR and differential scanning calorimetry DSC andthermogravimetric analysis TGA. Thus, briefly, the aim of this work was to study three compositionof hydrogel loaded with BS and its composition in relation to addition to AuNP and evaluateits profile for further drug delivery application using the Surface Plasmonic Resonance SPR as atool improving the drug release in the new hydrogel.


Hydrogel, Berberine, Drug Delivery, AuNPs

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Souza, C. , Oliveira, H. , Pinheiro, W. , Biswaro, L. , Azevedo, R. , Gomes, A. and Lunardi, C. 2015 Gold Nanoparticle and Berberine Entrapped into Hydrogel Matrix as Drug Delivery System. Journal of Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology, 6, 53-63. doi: 10.4236-jbnb.2015.61006.

Author: Camila Rufino Souza1, Henrique R. Oliveira1, Wagner M. Pinheiro2, Lubhandwa S. Biswaro2, Ricardo B. Azevedo2, Anderson J. Gomes1*



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