Antibiogram of Enterobacteriaceae isolated from free-range chickens in Abeokuta, Nigeria.Reportar como inadecuado

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Veterinary Archives, Vol.82 No.6 December 2012. -

Antimicrobial resistance in bacteria from the family Enterobacteriaceae is an important indicator of the emergence of resistant bacterial strains in the community. This study investigated the antimicrobial susceptibility of commensal Enterobacteriaceae from free-range chickens to antimicrobial agents using the broth microdilution. In all, 184 isolates including 104 Escherichia coli, 44 Klebsiella spp, 20 Salmonella spp. and 16 Enterobacter aerogenes were resistant to ampicillin 89.7%, chloramphenicol 73.9%, ciprofloxacin 33.2%, enrofloxacin 60.3%, neomycin 70.7%, norfloxacin 45.7%, streptomycin 78.8% and tetracycline 73.4%. Escherichia coli was resistant to ampicillin 92.3%, chloramphenicol 73.1%, ciprofloxacin 34.6%, enrofloxacin 61.5%, neomycin 76.9%, norfloxacin 46.2%, streptomycin 80.8% and tetracycline 76.9%. The rate of resistance in Klebsiella spp. was ampicillin 90.9%, chloramphenicol 72.7%, ciprofloxacin 54.5%, enrofloxacin 90.9%, neomycin 63.6%, norfloxacin 63.6%, streptomycin 81.8% and tetracycline 81.8%. Salmonella spp. showed resistance to ampicillin 80.0%, chloramphenicol 80.0%, enrofloxacin 20.0%, neomycin 80.0%, norfloxacin 20.0%, streptomycin 80.0% and tetracycline 35.0% but were completely susceptible to ciprofloxacin. Enterobacter aerogenes was resistant to ampicillin 81.3%, chloramphenicol 75.0%, ciprofloxacin 6.3%, enrofloxacin 18.8%, neomycin 37.5%, norfloxacin 25.0%, streptomycin 56.3% and tetracycline 75.0%. Overall, 147 79.9% out of 184 isolates demonstrated multidrug resistance to at least three unrelated antimicrobial agents. The high rate of antimicrobial resistance in bacterial isolates from free-range birds may have major implications for human and animal health with adverse economic implications.

multidrug resistance; commensal Enterobacteriaceae; free-range chickens

Autor: Olufemi E. Ojo - ; Department of Veterinary Microbiology and Parasitology, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Agricult



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