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Abstract: The formalism of non-standard four-fermion interactions provides aconvenient, model-independent way of parameterizing a wide class of ``newphysics- scenarios. In this article, we study the performance of reactor andsuperbeam neutrino experiments in the presence of such non-standardinteractions NSI. Due to interference between the standard and non-standardamplitudes, sizeable effects are to be expected if the NSI parameters are closeto their current upper limits. We derive approximate formulas for the relevantoscillation probabilities including NSI, and show how the leading effects canbe understood intuitively even without any calculations. We will present aclassification of all possible NSI according to their impact on reactor andsuperbeam experiments, and it will turn out that these experiments are highlycomplementary in terms of their sensitivity to the non-standard parameters. Thesecond part of the paper is devoted to detailed numerical simulations, whichwill demonstrate how a standard oscillation fit of the mixing angle theta-13may fail if experimental data is affected by NSI. We find that for somenon-standard terms, reactor and superbeam experiments would yield seeminglyconflicting results, while in other cases, they may agree well with each other,but the resulting value for theta-13 could be far from the true value. Thisoffset may be so large that the true theta-13 is even ruled out erroneously. Inthe last section of the paper, we demonstrate that reactor and superbeam datacan actually establish the presence of non-standard interactions. Throughoutour discussion, we pay special attention to the impact of the complex phases,and of the near detectors.

Author: Joachim Kopp, Manfred Lindner, Toshihiko Ota, Joe Sato


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