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Stockbreeding : Journal of Animal Improvement, Vol.66 No.2 August 2012. -

Efficiency of production directly related on the quality of gilts in the farm. For this reason it would be necessary to replace non-productive sows. By monitoring and control of the growth intensity in the performance test make possibility to provide selection effect and get gilts adequate age and weight at insemination. The paper present analyzes of growth traits from birth until the end of the performance test. The investigations included 825 gilts, of which 414 Landrace and 411 Yorkshire, which were obtained from 17 sires 9 of Landrace and 8 of Yorkshire breed.Data of 886 hybrid F1 gilts between then are progeny of 10 boars 5 of each breed of L and Y. The gilts that had a smaller weight at birth, showed a smaller daily gain and body weight realized at the end of the test. Lactation duration were of 31 at purebred and 29 at hybrid one days. The weights at weaning were over 7 kg, biggest at hybrid females. It can be concluded that heterosis effect was shown. During the test of 85 days, the realized average weight was 76 kg, with a gain of 0.90 kg for Landrace gilts, while Yorkshire had smaller one 72 kg with smaller daily gain 0.84 kg. For the same period Hybrid gilts grown 78 kg and an average age life gain of 0,85 kg. with age of gilts of 161 days, Landrace gilts reached weight of 108 kg, with an average life gain of 0.67 kg, while the Yorkshire gilts reached weight of 103 kg, with an average life gain of 0.62 kg. At the same time Hybrid gilts had 105 kg with life gain of 0,65 kg. Tests of significance showed that the sire, breed and weight at birth of piglets have a highly significant impact on most of the observed traits and represent a significant source of phenotypic variability in growth traits of tested gilts. It seem that optimum weight of piglets at birth is 1,4 kg and more. So, management and feeding regime of gilts and sows are very important during gestation period to get piglets with higher birth weight.

piglets weight at birth; growth of gilts in the test; weight gain; nucleus farm

Autor: Vitomir Vidović - ; Faculty of Agriculture, University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia Vladislav Višnjić - ; SIZIM DOO, Legrad,

Fuente: http://hrcak.srce.hr/


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