The Republican Party and Far East policy: 1920-1945.Report as inadecuate

The Republican Party and Far East policy: 1920-1945.

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The strategic importance to the United States of island bases in the Pacific Ocean and the maintenance there of defense forces, together with recent charges on the part of leaders of the Republican party concerning the political ineptitude of the Far East policy of the Truman Administration have served to a considerable degree in forcing an evaluation of American Far East policy in general and a consideration, specifically, of the role of the Republican party in shaping, that policy. It is, therefore, the purpose of this thesis to determine the consistency of that policy which the Republican party maintains towards the Far East. It is the purpose of this thesis to point up the united and disunited action taken by Republican administrations and by members of the Republican party on issues involving the formulation of a Far East policy.The first two chapters of this thesis deal with the beginnings of the Open Door policy and the definition of the status quo in the Far East. Four basic principles governed the United States policy towards the Far East. The first was the Open Door 1898-1938; the second, the integrity of China 1922; the third, non-intervention and non-recognition of Japanese interests and the fourth, collective security or the codification of the Open Door Washington Conference of 1922. At no time had Americans been willing to fight for the Open Door policy. President Roosevelt-s policy in the Far East, during the Russo-Japanese War, did not reflect Republican party interest. Roosevelt-s -big navy- program was part of his policy of maintaining the Open Door policy in the Far East. The Republican party support of his navy program represented sectional and partisan interests. TRUNCATEDRights

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