Management of hostility in adult males with migraine headacheReport as inadecuate

Management of hostility in adult males with migraine headache

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The purpose of this study is to investigate the significance ofsuppression of hostility as a personality attribute of individuals whohave a history of migraine headache. Suppression is defined as a psychicprocess which functions as an adjustive mechanism in the managementof hostile impulses. For purposes of this study, it is inferredfrom the inhibition of the overt, social expression of hostility and theappearance o:f heightened physiological tension. The overt behaviorexpressive of hostility is designated as aggression. Thus, the general.purpose of this study is an investigation of the management of aggressionih persons who are prone to migraine.Migraine as a specific form of headache has been described as aclinical entity for centuries. Although the disorder was recognizedearly, its etiology remains in dispute. Causation has been variouslyascribed to humoral, gastric, neural, constitutional, hereditary, oremotional factors. The role of emotional factors has received increasingattention, particularly in relationship to personality features ofpersons susceptible to migraine, and has led to a consideration of migraineas a psychosomatic disorder. Exploratory psychoanalytic casestudies have suggested that a characteristic psychodynamic feature ofpersons with migraine is the suppression of rage. Suppression is consideredto be significant in both the personality structure of suchpersons and in the precipitation of a migraine attack. These formulationsfind support in such sources as: 1 the clinical observationsof analysts, including the observation that a migraine attack may occurand terminate during a single treatment session, when hostility or rageis relieved by use of appropriate verbalizations; 2 studies dealingwith the characteristic personality features of migraine-prone individuals;3 observations of the events typically antecedent to an attack.TruncatedRights

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