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Hospital linen is clearly recognized as a potential reservoir formicroorganisms and could be a vector of disease transmission. The aim of thisstudy was to isolate, count and identify fungi and bacteria from differentkinds of clean and dirty linen in a hospital. Microbiological samples have beencollected on clean bed linen n = 200, dirty bed linen n = 192 andstaff uniforms n = 192 by using contact plates. 55% of samples from clean bed linen werecontaminated before contact with the patient, with a mean count of 3 cfu-25 cm2 range: 1-117 cfu when contaminated. Virtually all samples from dirty bedlinen carried microorganisms, with a mean count of 23 cfu-25 cm2 range 1-191 cfu. In addition, staff hospital uniforms showed the highestcontamination rates in the study, with an average of 45 cfu-25 cm2 range: 1-218 cfu. Microbial species were mostly bacteria commonly foundin the environment or on human skin, such asstaphylococci or micrococci. Nevertheless, 57% of the identified species may beopportunistic pathogens for humans, representing a risk for people witha deficient or weakened immune system, especially in cases of superinfection.Since contamination of linen seems to occur after washing, activelyantimicrobial textiles would represent a valuable measure to prevent textilesfrom being a vehicle for transfer of microorganisms.


Linen; Bed Sheets; White Coat; Contamination; Hospital Acquired Infections

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A. Pinon, J. Gachet, V. Alexandre, S. Decherf and M. Vialette -Microbiological Contamination of Bed Linen and Staff Uniforms in a Hospital,- Advances in Microbiology, Vol. 3 No. 7, 2013, pp. 515-519. doi: 10.4236-aim.2013.37069.

Author: Anthony Pinon, Jessica Gachet, Virginie Alexandre, Sandra Decherf, Michèle Vialette

Source: http://www.scirp.org/


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