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Purpose: Nurse managers’ behaviors and jobsatisfaction are commonly addressed in the literature; however, registerednurse perceptions of nurse manager behaviors provide a unique perspective thatmay inform future strategies designed to enhance RN job satisfaction. Thepurpose of this study was to assess the perceptions of registered nurses thatwere explored through focus groups to learn the behaviors of nurse managersthat most influence registered nurse’s job satisfaction. Methods: Five focusgroups were conducted through semi-structured interviews of a total of 28 RNsto provide data that were coded through qualitative content analysis forthemes. Findings: The findings provide nurse managers with data related to theperceptions of RNs and the behaviors of managers that influence jobsatisfaction. In relation to the focus group’s discussions, a disconnection wasidentified between the perceptions of the RNs regarding their actual workissues and the nurse manager’s role on the hospital unit. There were fivethemes that emerged in the category of RNs perceived disconnect between workissues and the manager’s role. The daily role, manager meeting time, visibilityof nurse managers, no longer a nurse, and RN preferences for the nurse managerrole. Conclusion: Findings support past research in relation to the perceptionsof RNs wanting to be respected, included in communication, and the need to feelcared for by nurse managers to have higher levels of job satisfaction. Thisstudy provided findings important to staff nurses, nurse managers andadministration. There is a need for administrator support for nurse manager’sability to spend more time on the unit with RNs to attend to direct careprovider relationships and team building through communication with staff is arecommended approach for decreasing the disconnect between RNs and nursemanagers.


Job Satisfaction; Managers’ Behavior; Disconnect

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Feather, R. & Ebright, P. 2013. How Staff RNs Perceive Nurse Manager Roles. Open Journal of Leadership, 2, 63-67. doi: 10.4236-ojl.2013.23008.

Author: Rebecca A. Feather, Patricia R. Ebright



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