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Background: To date, there is scant knowledge and inconsistent resultsabout physical activity, exercise and job strain in relation to pelvic girdlepain PGP. Hence, the aims of the present study were: 1 determine prevalenceof PGP and severe PGP during pregnancy and 2 compare background andlifestyle factors in addition to total physical activity level at work,commuting, housework and recreational exercise in those who experienced PGPand those who did not in pregnancy. Methods: Healthy pregnant women n = 467were allocated to the study from Oslo University Hospital, Norway. Theparticipants filled in a validated self-administered questionnaire, Physical-Activity-Pregnancy-QuestionnairePAPQ in gestation-week 32 - 36. The questionnaire contained 53 questions with nine specific questions addressing PGP.The key question on PGP was asked cross-sectionally and also posedretrospectively for pre-pregnancy, 1st and 2nd trimester During this pregnancy, did you experience any PGP? -Yesversus No-. Results: More thanhalf of the women 57.5% reported to suffer from PGP, with 18.4% reportingsevere PGP. Compared the no-PGP group, women with PGP were significantly morelikely to be sick-listed, multiparous, they perceived their job to bephysically demanding, as well as had physically demanding household chores,including childcare. In addition, they were more prone to have experienced PGPin previous pregnancies and suffered fromurinary incontinence UI in the current pregnancy. Most women with severePGP reported to be sedentary in the 3rd trimester; however theyperformed more strengthening exercises at home than the women without PGP. SeverePGP also showed an association with standing-walking ≥50% at work. Conclusion:Women who exercised regularly in the 3rd trimester were lesslikely to report PGP, while job strain was associated with higher prevalence ofPGP. There is a need for a prospective study with larger sample size to furtherevaluate if exercise has any causal association with PGP.


Exercise; Pelvic Girdle Pain; Pregnancy; Work Strain

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Haakstad, L. , Telenius, E. and Bø, K. 2013 Exercise and pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy. Are there any associations?. Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 3, 520-527. doi: 10.4236-ojog.2013.37094.

Autor: Lene Annette Hagen Haakstad, Elisabeth Wiken Telenius, Kari Bø

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