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The thermal analysis of precise thermophysical data for pure fluidsfrom electronic databases is developed to investigate the molecular interactionmechanisms and parameters and the structural features of heterogeneities influids. The method is based on the series expansion of thermophysical values bypowers of the monomer fraction density. Unlike the virial expansion by powersof the total density, the series expansion terms in this method directlyreflect properties of the corresponding cluster fractions. The internal energyhad been selected among thermophysical properties as the most informative forthis method. The thermal analysis of its series expansion coefficients permitsto estimate the temperature dependence of the pair bond parameters, theclusters’ bond energies and equilibrium constants, the structural transitionsbetween dominating isomers of clusters. The application of method to differentpure fluids, including noble and molecular gases with van der Waals and polarmolecular interactions, brings unknown clusters’ characteristics for thefluids under investigation. The thermal analysis of the ordinary and heavyWater vapors points on no trivial isotopic effects. The unpredictable growth ofthe pair bond energy with temperature in Alkanes points on existence in hydrocarbonsof some unknown molecular interaction forces in addition to dispersion forces.


Molecular Interaction; Cluster; Equilibrium Constant; Bond Energy; Structural Transition; Isotopic Effect

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B. Sedunov -Thermal Analysis of Thermophysical Data for Equilibrium Pure Fluids,- Journal of Modern Physics, Vol. 4 No. 7B, 2013, pp. 8-15. doi: 10.4236-jmp.2013.47A2002.

Author: Boris Sedunov



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