Histone Acetylase Inhibitor Curcumin Impairs Mouse Spermiogenesis–An In Vitro StudyReport as inadecuate

Histone Acetylase Inhibitor Curcumin Impairs Mouse Spermiogenesis–An In Vitro Study - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

In the previous study, we unraveled the unique -erasure strategy- during the mouse spermiogenesis. Chromatin associated proteins sequentially disassociated from the spermatid chromosome, which led to the termination of transcription in elongating spermatids. By this process, a relatively naïve paternal chromatin was generated, which might be essential for the zygotic development. We supposed the regulation of histone acetylation played an important role throughout this -erasure- process. In order to verify this hypothesis, we treated mouse spermatids in vitro by histone acetylase HAT inhibitor Curcumin. Our results showed an inhibiting effect of Curcumin on the growth of germ cell line in a dose-dependent manner. Accordingly, the apoptosis of primary haploid spermtids was increased by Curcumin treatment. As expected, the acetylated histone level was downregulated. Furthermore, we found the transcription in spermatids ceased in advance, the dynamics of chromatin associated factors was disturbed by Curcumin treatment. The regulation of histone acetylation should be one of the core reprogramming mechanisms during the spermiogenesis. The reproductive toxicity of Curcumin needs to be thoroughly investigated, which is crucial for its further clinical application.

Author: Xiaoyu Xia , Heng Cai , Shixiao Qin, Chen Xu

Source: http://plos.srce.hr/


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