Cardioprotective effects of tea and its catechinsReport as inadecuate

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Tea is rich inpolyphenolic catechins which are beneficial to health. There have been evidencessuggesting that habitual tea consumption may reduce the risk of cardiovasculardisease CVD. Intake of tea or catechins isolated from tea was shown toinhibit the development of CVD in population studies and in animal models. Manypossible pathways and mechanisms were investigated. There have been evidencesshowing that tea and tea catechins reduced the risk of CVD by enhancing antioxidant activity, attenuating metabolic syndrome, inhibiting angiotensin converting enzyme, improvingendothelial dys-function, preventing cardiac hypertrophy and protectingmitochondria from damage.


Camellia sinensis; Hypertension; Antioxidant; Metabolic Syndrome; Endothelial Dysfunction; Cardiac Hypertrophy; Mitochondria

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Li, N. , Zhao, Y. and Liang, Y. 2013 Cardioprotective effects of tea and its catechins. Health, 5, 23-30. doi: 10.4236-health.2013.54A004.

Author: Nana Li, Yue Zhao, Yuerong Liang



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