Stateless Routing in Network SimulationsReport as inadecuate

Stateless Routing in Network Simulations

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The memory resources required by network simulationscan grow quadratically with size of the simulatednetwork. In simulations that use routing tablesat each node to perform per-hop packet forwarding,the storage required for the routing tables isON2, where N is the number of simulated networknodes in the topology. Additionally, the CPU timerequired in the simulation environment to computeand populate these routing tables can be excessive and can dominate the overall simulation tame. We propose a new routing technique, knownas Neighbor-Index Vectors, or NIx-Vectors, whicheliminates both the storage required for the routingtables and the CPU time required to computethem. We show experimental results using NIx-Vector routing in the popular network simulator ns.With our technique, we achieve a near order of magnitudeincrease in the maximum size of a simulatednetwork running ns on a single workstation. Further,we demonstate an increase of two orders ofmagnitude in topology size networks as large as250,000 nodes by using this technique and runningthe simulation in parallel on a network of workstations.

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Author: Riley, George F. - Ammar, Mostafa H. Mostafa Hamed - Fujimoto, Richard M. - -



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