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Abstract: We discuss the conditions for a non-vanishing Dirac phase \delta and mixingangle \theta {13}, sources of CP violation in neutrino oscillations, to beuniquely responsible for the observed matter-antimatter asymmetry of theuniverse through leptogenesis. We show that this scenario, that we call\delta-leptogenesis, is viable when the degenerate limit DL for the heavyright-handed RH neutrino spectrum is considered. We derive an interestingjoint condition on \sin\theta {13} and the absolute neutrino mass scale thatcan be tested in future neutrino oscillation experiments. In the limit ofhierarchical heavy RH neutrino spectrum HL, we strengthen the previous resultthat \delta-leptogenesis is only very marginally allowed, even when theproduction from the two heavier RH neutrinos is taken into account. An improvedexperimental upper bound on \sin\theta {13} and or an account of quantumkinetic effects could completely rule out this option in the future. Therefore,\delta-leptogenesis can be also regarded as a motivation for models withdegenerate heavy neutrino spectrum.

Author: Alexey Anisimov, Steve Blanchet, Pasquale Di Bari


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