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Calorie restriction CR is as close to a real fountain of youth as any known technique is. Caloric restriction known to extend the human lifespan by up to five years has quietly become accepted among leading researchers. Even scientists who are cautious about anti-aging hype say it works. The formula is simple: Eat less. It could add years to your life. In the context of health and longevity, I analyzed data documenting proofs which suggest that the caloric restriction extends life span and retards age-related chronic diseases in a variety of species, including rats, mice, fish, flies, worms, and yeast as well as improve biomarkers of aging in humans. Research has shown that not only does it result in a longer lifespan, but it also lowers blood pressure, oxidative damage, cardiovascular disease, modifies insulin sensitivity, reduces loss of central nervous system cells, strengthens the immune system, lowers cholesterol, diminishes the rate of heart disease, reduces muscle oxygen loss, improves muscle function, reduces free radical damage to body tissue and helps stabilize blood sugar in adult-onset diabetes. Caloric restriction the most widely recognized life span-extending intervention has shown that it does indeed have age-slowing effects in humans like it has been shown to work in animals and Dr. Fontana has already made medical history in studying anti aging effects of caloric restriction.


Anti Aging; Longevity Technique; Everlasting Youth; Evergreen Youth; Elixir of Life

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B. Dar, M. Dar and S. Bashir -Calorie Restriction the Fountain of Youth,- Food and Nutrition Sciences, Vol. 3 No. 11, 2012, pp. 1522-1526. doi: 10.4236-fns.2012.311198.

Author: Bashir Ahmed Dar, Manzoor Ahmed Dar, Sheeba Bashir



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