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Abstract: We present new Spitzer photometry of the Eagle Nebula M16, containing theoptical cluster NGC 6611 combined with near-infrared photometry from 2MASS. Weuse dust radiative transfer models, mid-infrared and near-infrared color-coloranalysis, and mid-infrared spectral indices to analyze point source spectralenergy distributions, select candidate young stellar objects YSOs, andconstrain their mass and evolutionary state. Comparison of the differentprotostellar selection methods shows that mid-infrared methods are consistent,but as has been known for some time, near-infrared-only analysis misses someyoung objects. We reveal more than 400 protostellar candidates, including onemassive young stellar object YSO that has not been previously highlighted.The YSO distribution supports a picture of distributed low-level starformation, with no strong evidence of triggered star formation in the``pillars-. We confirm the youth of NGC 6611 by a large fraction ofinfrared-excess sources, and reveal a younger cluster of YSOs in the nearbymolecular cloud. Analysis of the YSO clustering properties shows a possibleimprint of the molecular cloud-s Jeans length. Multiwavelength mid-IR imagingthus allows us to analyze the protostellar population, to measure the dusttemperature and column density, and to relate these in a consistent picture ofstar formation in M16.

Autor: R. Indebetouw, T.R. Robitaille, B.A. Whitney, E. Churchwell, B. Babler, M. Meade, C. Watson, M. Wolfire

Fuente: https://arxiv.org/

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