Structuring of polypropylene matrix in compositesReport as inadecuate

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Polimeri : Plastics and Rubber Journal, Vol.30 No.4 April 2010. -

Binary isotactic polypropylene iPP composites with talc and wollastonite were modified with different elastomers: polystyrene-bbutadiene-b-styrene SBS, polystyrene-b-ethylene-co-propylene SEP, polystyrene-b-ethylene-co-butylene-b-styrene SEBS, SEBS grafted with maleic anhydride SEBS-g-MA, ethylene-propylene-diene terpolymer EPDM, and propylene-based metallocene mEPR at different content ratios and studied by different microscopic techniques optical, SEM, TEM, wide-angle X-ray diffraction WAXD and differential scanning calorimetry DSC. Complex investigations of the structure-property relationships by comparison of ternary iPP composites with constitutive binary composites and binary blends showed that different factors affect restructuring of the semicrystalline polypropylene matrix during its crystallization and solidification during preparation by compression moulding. Structural investigations were focused on determination of influencing factors in crystallite and spherulite growth, phase structure of the iPP crystallites, degree of crystallinity, orientation of filler particles and iPP crystallite, structuring-spherulitization of the iPP matrix, and phase morphology of particles and polypropylene composite and constitutive blend systems. From the interplay of different factors in structuring of the iPP matrix the following influencing factors could be recognized: i nucleation by tiny dispersed particles of polymers and filler particles, ii orientation of the iPP crystallite and filler particles, iii migration-transferring of the iPP chains from melt islands to growing lamellae during solidification, iv encapsulation of dispersed-filler particles leading to core-shell morphology, v steric hindrance factors generated by filler and dispersed elastomer particles in the spherulitization of the iPP matrix, and vi possible partly co-crystallization in the iPP-propylene-based metallocene copolymer iPP-mEPR regions.

core-shell morphology; crystallization; ethylene-propylene-diene rubber; orientation; phase morphology; polymer composites; polymer matrix structuring; polypropylene; propylene-based metallocene copolymers; spherulitization; styrene block copolymers; talc; wollastonite

Author: Ivan ŠMIT - ; Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb Matjaž DENAC - ; University of Maribor, FEB Maribor, Institute of Technology,



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