Articulation of the Croatian Farmers Interests Through ProtestsReport as inadecuate

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Sociology and Space, Vol.42 No.3-4 165-166 March 2009. -

Since early 90s, the Croatian peasantry has undergone significant changes caused by the processes of erosion of the family farms reproductive ability which started earlier but were then intensified by

war and transition from socialist to capitalist economy. The effect of

these changes was essentially worsened peasants- social status and

quality of life. The first attempt of the organized farmers- activity through the Farmers- Association of Croatian did not have any significant success. The Croatian Farmers- Association, founded in February 1999 upon the initiative of the Croatian Peasant Party, has

been the most successful in articulation of farmers- interests. It has

organized a number of farmers- protests out of which the one held at

the end of June and the beginning of July 1999 attracted the greatest

media- s attention. In this paper the authors examine the results of

the research in the farmers- attitude towards the protests comparing

them with the students of agronomy and agricultural experts- opinions

on this issue. The research results show that unlike students of agronomy and agricultural experts, the farmers approve the blacking

of roads as a method of protest. There is, however, almost unanimous

consent of all three groups of respondents about highly unfavourable

economic position of Croatian farmers, and in particular their reputation in society, about the fact that the farmers- position is getting relatively worse and that there has been a general dissatisfaction with the current agricultural policy. And more, the

government hasn-t provided motivative instrumentary adequate to

the farmers current position and the internationally open market of

agricultural products and food. The authors have also established that

the farmers- economic and social position and the current agricultural

policy has been more favourably judged by the farmers who had completed secondary school or junior college and who earn more than

by those with lower education and lower income. 0r more accurately,

the present research has confirmed the connection between the family

farm reproductive ability and its head-s attitudes - along with the family farms reproductive ability increases the rate of their heads

who consider the farmers- economic position and social reputation


farmers- protest; farmer organizing; status of farmers; Croatia

Author: Srećko Brkić - ; Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb, Croati



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